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Second Month
I just finished my second cycle with the cup and it was FAB.  And I never use that word...haha

On the very first day, I already had the large Lunette in since I was waiting for it.  Oh and also, I joined monthlyinfo.com and I only had recorded 2 periods on there, and my last period was really late and put me on a 38-day cycle.  I thought that was just a weird month of me stressing for finals, so when the site predicted that I would skip all of May and not have my period until June 3rd, I thought it wasn't going to happen.  Well, it happened to the DAY.  I got it in the middle of the day on June 3rd but I was all prepared for it!  Then I left it in for another 8 hours and got to change it before sleeping with it not even being close to full =)

Then the next day, I had it in for a full 12 hours, and it was full to the brim but no leaking!  How awesome is that?  I can leave the cup in for 12 hours on my heaviest day!!!  I actually thought my flow was heavy, but I guess it's really not that bad.  

Also the BEST BESTEST BEST part of it was, my cramps got SOO much better!!  I did not have to pop ANY advil or painkillers OR use any heat pads!!  Before, if I didn't have any of these before sleeping I would be driving over to the 24hour Shoppers Drug Mart to get some or I wouldn't be sleeping at ALL.  I slept through the night, and no leaks!!  My bed sheets are SAFE now!

All except the next night, I was too confident and changed my cup at 9pm, went to sleep at 1AM, and woke up at 9:30am...so the extra 30-minutes past 12-hours made it leak and I got some on my sheets.  I just have to remember not to leave it in past 12 hours on the first and second day.

By the third and fourth day I just used the small Lunette and small PinkCup.  I don't know why but sometimes it is REALLY hard to get the Lunette in so that's when I resort back to the pink cup...but then I don't like removing the pinkcup...so that's why most of the time I'll try to get the Lunette in first.  I can remove the lunette's super easily now.  I don't even have to fold it completely to get it out so I get minimal spillage =)

Well, that's all for my second successful period with the cup!  Now I don't have to dread this time of the month anymore! No cramps, no leaks...the period is now actually bearable!


Writer's Block: Pet Peeve
utada pink
What is the most annoying sound in the entire world?
The f-word as every other word that comes out of their mouth.  Please learn to use other adjectives, nouns, and verbs.

Starring, the PinkCup!
 I'm totally procrastinating my studying, so I decided to take some photos of my new PinkCup!  It's so cute! I wish it was a deeper pink but oh well~ Perhaps I will get the MiaCup (although that is purple-pink) once it starts showing up on more sites.

Here is the pouch that it came in.  A cute little PinkCup logo with ribbon drawstrings. 

Here are different views of the cup with the pouch.  Hopefully you can't see the little bits of dust that the silicon has collected!

Hope you enjoyed those =]