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Starring, the PinkCup!
 I'm totally procrastinating my studying, so I decided to take some photos of my new PinkCup!  It's so cute! I wish it was a deeper pink but oh well~ Perhaps I will get the MiaCup (although that is purple-pink) once it starts showing up on more sites.

Here is the pouch that it came in.  A cute little PinkCup logo with ribbon drawstrings. 

Here are different views of the cup with the pouch.  Hopefully you can't see the little bits of dust that the silicon has collected!

Hope you enjoyed those =]

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Hey. I heard you have a lunette selene. Is it more squishier than the small lady cup? I think small lady cup it kind of hard to do other folds like origami fold. My hand cramps too much lol

:)I love your pics. They look nice.

Hi =) Thanks for the add btw!

Hmm the small Lunette Selene is definitely squishy...I have the LC in me right now so I can't do a direct comparison but from my memory, the small lunette is pretty soft, but I find the biggest difference in their rims. The LC's rim is quite thick which allows it to pop open easily (at least for me it does, I've read a lot of other ladies have trouble with it popping open) while the small Lunette's rim is thinner and can fold more easily. It is easier to hold onto the Lunette IMO, but also because the texture is a bit different. The LC is all smooth, but the Lunette has ridges and also is a little more frosted so there's slightly more texture to grip onto. I actually find the LC to be easier to insert and pop open over the Lunette...the LC is most comfortable for me, but the Lunette has more capacity which is why I got it.

The LARGE Lunette on the other hand, is a LOT stiffer and I have a hard time getting it in. It probably broke my hymen too as I think I've already told you. Since it's longer it's harder for me to get in too, because I'm pretty short in there.

Hope that helped explain things. It's just hard to get the Lunette for you in the states ATM...

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